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April 2024

Our Missing Words

Discovering the name for shared inexplicable emotions. [more]

April 2023

Spatial Canvas for Education

In a 24 hour Generative AI Hackathon, we explored visualising LLM output beyond the textbox. [more]

July 2022 · MIT

Wearable brain-to-human communication

Using lightweight, wearable Brain-Computer Interfaces to enable those in a locked-in state to communicate in their own homes [more]

ResearchPythonReactMachine LearningC
May 2022 · MIT

Enhancing agency in Redirected Walking with Haptic Nudges

Expanding the perceived space in VR by using subtle redirection. [more]

Virtual RealityUnityArduinoC#
May 2022 · MIT

VibReality: Vibrotactile Haptic Gloves

Sense and create a hidden 2D world through your fingertips. [more]

Virtual RealityASMElectronicsC#Python
May 2022 · MIT

Keyboard Expanse: On-Keyboard Gestures

A subtle finger movement computer vision system designed for the keyboard surface [more]

January 2020 · Imperial College London


The first-of-its-kind distributed art registry with integrated artists' resale rights. Built with a React front-end to interact with a series of blockchain technologies. [more]

December 2018 · Imperial College London


A user-centric Flutter companion app for the tattoo journey. I led a small team, and together we focused on fulfilling a real need in the tattoo industry for specificity and the clients' need for comfort and visualization. [more]

October 2018 · Imperial College London

Lighten Up, World

Award-winning exhibited data visualisation tool for planet-wide data. [more]

June 2018 · Imperial College London


Co-authored the research paper ‘Flint for Safer Smart Contracts' - a new type-safe, contract-oriented programming language designed for writing robust smart contracts on Ethereum. [more]

January 2018 · Imperial College London

Using AI & MRIs to diagnose Brain Tumours

A review article on the use of AI in radiology, with a focus on brain tumours. [more]

January 2017 · Imperial College London

WACC - Compiler

Full compiler from a feature rich imperative programming language WACC to ARM assembly written from scratch in Kotlin. [more]

August 2016

Justice Peeks

Could an artificial agent be used to help judges make better decisions? This project explores the use of a probabilistic logic programming language to model the decision-making process. [more]