HABSMUN is a non-profit Model United Nations Conference that aims to simulate the real UN, where students can practise the arts of diplomacy, cooperation, and debate, therefore gaining valuable social skills and promoting social inclusion and tolerance. Students from underprivileged backgrounds receive grants from fundraising activities and sponsorship.

Supporting Head Organisers of 5 separate sessions totalling 1,200+ delegates from 30 different countries.

## Head of Technical & Audio Visual Managed a gifted team of 10 individuals with responsibility for all the front-end and back-end systems at the conference including the website, signup, Resolution Engine that handles over 400 documents, MyHABSMUN (a personal portal for each delegate) and anything else technology related. The code base of over fifty thousand lines of code managed to reduce the cost of the conference by ~£2,000.

Chair - Politics II

Managed and facilitated debate of 52 delegates representing different countries from the United Nations over the course of two days including 51 speeches, and 116 Points of Information. All individually graded and given feedback.